What we do

We provide software for your external and internal business support needs. Many companies will use a combination of solutions to interact with their customers. Email, contact forms on-line chat and phone for example. This is often confusing for the customer with mixed messages and cost of support escalating once your business does well. Choose an integrated support platform that will make you love your customers and help them love all the great services and products you supply.

Consider how much your support infrastructure costs today and what it will cost tomorrow. Do you sell another X products what will that do to your support costs. How much time in the day do staff deal with support ? How many tickets/emails. How many incidents get escalated to 3rd tier technical support. Are you an Operations Director or a support manager do you have the correct support platform that provides metrics and forward planning. Take a quantitative and qualitative approach to support and plan realistic and attainable Service Level Agreements that deliver.

Customers will reuse you and tell other with a positive support experience. However, having the most enthused customers will mean little if the cost to your business is too high. INTS software will help you retain customers and gain new customers with our SLA approach to all support. How many minutes do you take to respond to direct contact of your company ? How many minutes and clicks do customers take on your website to find out simply information. Do you have an agreed SLA with your customers or is it implied ?

Scale/plan/grow with confidence. As your sales go up your support costs need to be linear growth.

True support software on demand with utility billing that allows your company to offer quality support from the beginning.

See your costs in clear data and your credits will update in real time.

True support software on demand with utility billing that allows your company to offer quality support from the beginning.

Minimum utility package is £0 a month and you will only pay for every support interaction through our software.

If you have a real handle on your support and know that you have X interactions a month and your set to go you can save money by taking out a monthly contract. You can set up recurring monthly contract or pay each month as you require.

We offer a discount rate for a years support that suits your needs.

You can buy our software on demand at a discount rate if you purchase in advance.

Buy 10000 tickets and 10 support staff logins for 1000 hours.

Every customer gets free ticket and email support and we have clear published SLA that we will stick to our you will receive extra credits for any breaches or mistakes on our part.
Free Standard support please contact for enhance support options.
If you have special network or integration features we have standard rates of consultancy available.

Software as a service meets support on demand