Our Network

We have partnered with the best providers to create a world-class infrastructure.

We are on-demand we imagine the best service.

We have partnered with the best providers to create a world-class infrastructure.


Our hosting is ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 compliant. Please read our Infrastructure information below for further technical details.


We have partnered with one of Europe's largest network and cloud platform.

With virtual data centres in London and around the globe, our Software is close to your users.

INTS software virtual network map


Powering your Application does not start and end at the server that provides your service to your customers.

We can offer VPN and direct access to create Intranet services for the convenience of the cloud and the security of a local traditional server room. We can deploy our application to our core network or provide a separate private network.


We use Long Term Support versions of all operating systems, databases and software.

Our custom-built Linux ISO is deployed to all Virtual Data Centres. 


Our SaaS sits on redundant servers locally and across Virtual Data Centres physically.


We keep 7 days worth of historical snapshots of our Application data. We keep periodic snapshots Yearly/Quarterly and weekly.


What does this mean? Your data is safe with us. Backup is not redundancy it is your peace of mind for catastrophic failure. 


We plan for the worst case scenario we then make sure any event has a minimum impact.

We explain this to you in clear terms you can choose to replicate your data around the world with a simple click of a button.


All based on a utility basis you are in control of the level of Backup. If you want physical copies of your data sent to your IT department we can facilitate requests for this to happen periodically as you require.


Our standard backup package is included and is good for 1-hour data loss at most and able to recover from 2 catastrophic events in series. 


We have backup servers across data centres and an off-site backup solution completely separate from our core network.


Our software is built with Enterprise in mind with loose coupling and high availability as core concepts.

We are ready to scale upwards when you are.


Software lifecycle

We have built finance/global support services and internet provider software before the creation of ints.software.

Our software lifecycle is custom to the needs of our customers and our software.

For custom development, we can provide full Requirements and Specification combined with Agile prototyping.

If your needs are complex and mission critical we will provide the documentation for your peace of mind.


Written by INTs Software on Friday March 18, 2016
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